Getting back into your groove….

Getting back into your groove….

All good things come to an end… It’s been back to reality for most of us this week and as we all find our feet again and settle into the new year, I know that most of us are also not feeling quite like our normal selves after all the festive season fun and that’s OKAY!

If you are currently putting pressure on yourself to go on “diet” or to “work off all your holiday weight”, Stop that right now!

If you catch yourself having these thoughts turn them around ASAP! INSTEAD, be kind to yourself and choose to be EXCITED and motivated to get back into routine again. NO extremes or craziness just gradually get back into your exercise, lifestyle and nutrition rhythm! Before you know it – you will be back into routine and be feeling JUST fine.


Here are my top Healthy Girl tips to help you bounce back after the holidays:

  1.  Stop beating yourself up– Being mean to yourself, putting yourself on a silly diet, over training or filling yourself with guilt does more harm than any food or drinks that you had over the holidays. SELF LOVE, grace and kindness as much as you can right now pretty please!
  2. Have vision – The holidays are just a couple of months out the WHOLE year. Enjoy them and then let it go! You have the entire year to do what you normally do!
  3. Gradually get back into your exercise routine– Don’t go into panic mode! Over training and trying to punish your body for what you have eaten is not the answer. Simply go straight back into your normal exercise routine or if you prefer to get yourself an awesome new program to get you started. 
  4. Avoid alcohol & sugar – Chances are your body has had way more alcohol and sugar than usual over this period. For a couple of weeks, consider minimizing your intake of these two as much as possible. Once your body has recovered from the holiday season you can begin to have your favourite drink or treat again in moderation!
  5. DON’T DIET! – Because diets NEVER… EVER work! Focus on nourishing yourself and giving your body the fuel that it needs. If you are feeling stuck in this department – have a look at The Healthy Girl Signature Eating Plan to get you started. Let me show you just how awesome and yummy healthy eating can be! (available on the healthy girl website)

I generally just do my best to get my ducks in a row and return back to my routine as quick as possible – making sure that my meals are prepped, training program is sorted AND I stock up on all my fav supplements too.

The current Youthful Living Supplements that I have on hand:

  • Pro Collagen Drink– I have this every morning with my coffee.
  • Lifestyle BCAAS– I mix this with LOTS of cold water and sip on it during my workout each day.
  • WheyRejuv OR Gourmet Whey– my GO to post workout with some nut butter and oats… YUM!
  • Keto Collagen Bars– I always have these on hand for when my sweet tooth strikes in the afternoon.

This stack is PERFECT to help get you started and back into your groove this year! ALSO remember, Youthful Living products are sold at Dischem stores nationwide.

Written Andene Thomson

@@healthygirl_with_a_sweettooth @healthygirl_foods

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